The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Compact doors for your automotive company

Discover the innovative Compact door. The space-saving solution used by many large and smaller names in the automotive industry around the world. From the factories of Ferrari, Bugatti and McLaren to Porsche, Volkswagen and Peugeot dealers in many countries.

Experience why these brands choose this unique Dutch door without overhead rails. Do you also choose Compact?

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The Compact door is a versatile door solution that is suitable for your showroom and workshop, but even for spray booths, wash boxes and car lifts. Thanks to the unique folding system without top rails, Compact doors can be seamlessly integrated into any room, both in new and existing buildings.

The advantages of this unique sectional door:

Industrial folding door by Rolflex

No ceiling rails, more space:

Thanks to the folding system, the door takes up little space on the ceiling. This gives you more space for installations, while the door can be neatly concealed. It is an ideal replacement for old roller or sliding doors. The door is well insulated and low-noise, which makes it suitable for both your showroom and your workshop.

Compact roller door at car dealer Barcelona

Low maintenance:

Compact doors are made of durable materials and contain relatively few parts. This makes the door low-maintenance. The door also has no balance springs, unlike standard overhead doors, which are very maintenance-sensitive.

Compact door in a showroom

Fits into any design

Whether you are looking for a practical door for your workshop, a beautiful door for your showroom or a smart door for a spray booth, the Compact door can do everything. Take a look at our example projects to get a good impression.

Customized sectional door

Experience how the Compact door can upgrade your car company. View the many example projects and be inspired.

All Compact doors are custom-made. To give you an impression of the door’s possibilities, we invite you to try our 3D door configurator. Here you can also immediately request a quote and receive technical drawings.


Awesome projects we have done

McLaren production with Compact folding door
United Kingdom | Carwash doors, Flexible partition wall, Car workshops, Showrooms

McLaren Technology Centre

In this innovative project, the doors were required to blend in with the rest of the building. The Compact door delivered.

New Porsche Centre Twente in Deventer
Netherland | Car workshops, Showrooms

Porsche Center Twente with Compact roller shutters

Porsche Centrum Twente has opted for the Compact roller shutter for its new building. In the transfer areas, the doors are nicely concealed in order to give full attention to the car.

Compact doors Barcelona circuit catalunya
Spain | Car workshops

49 Rolflex overhead doors for Circuit Barcelona Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a 4.655 km motorsport circuit in Montmeló, Catalonia, Spain. With long straights and a multitude of corners, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is considered an all-round course.
Rolflex was chosen to supply 49 overhead doors with wicket door on this race track. Read more about this beautiful project.

Compact roller door at car dealer Barcelona
Spain | Car workshops, Showrooms

Car dealer Barcelona opts for Compact Roller Door.

This car dealership in Barcelona was looking for new doors for their property. They decided for the practical and beautiful solution; the Compact roller door. This door offers them that neat and sleek look they were looking for

Is this your door?

Where do you need a Compact door?

Because Rolflex is the only manufacturer of this type of folding door, we can deliver consistently high quality. The Compact door can be found in workshops and showrooms from Melbourne to Berlin, but also in the Ferrari factory in Italy and the McLaren Technology Center in Great Britain.

This luxury car dealer selected the Compact door

Stylish for your showroom

Your showroom is your calling card. A stylish environment that shows off the cars in a representative way. Large service doors are necessary for driving cars in and out, but you don’t want insightly rails or other parts in plain sight. The Compact door folds invisibly above the door opening and can be concealed in the ceiling or with a hood if desired. The invisible hinges and numerous design options ensure that the door blends seamlessly into the rest of the room. Also very suitable for vehicle presentation areas!

Obviously, Compact doors are well insulated. This way you also save energy when you replace your old door with a Compact door.

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Industrial folding door by Rolflex

Practical for your workshop

Your workshop is efficient and practical. This allows you and your employees to continue working without any disturbances. You do not want the lighting, extraction systems and lifting bridge to be hindered by your industrial doors. Standard overhead doors take up a lot of ceiling space, leaving less room for other systems. The Compact door is a solution that leaves your ceiling free for installations and you can use the full working height for your car bridge.

Due to the small installation space required, the Compact door is an ideal replacement for old roller or sliding doors. Your building not only looks nicer, you also save energy. For even more energy savings, add a pedestrian door. This means that the door does not have to be fully opened for your employees to gain access.

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The spray booth doors in Zeebrugge

Innovative solution for spray cabins

Thanks to the system that rests on the side rails, the Compact door can be installed completely outside of a room. This is ideal for areas where there should be as little disruption as possible from a door. For this reason, the door is often used in spray booths. Because the door does not penetrate into the room, the freshly sprayed paint cannot be contaminated by drops or dust coming off the door. Employees have quick access via the service door.

Car elevator at Heron

And many more: washboxes, elevators, et cetera.

When we say ‘versatile’, we really mean ‘versatile’. The Compact door is also used in car lifts, car washes and as a dividing wall between the showroom and the workshop. Delivery areas are also a popular location for Compact doors.

Why choose a sectional door?

The distinctive benefits

No overhead rails; room for equipment and installations


Low maintenance; no balancing springs


Fits any design


Do you want to know more?

Bifold door vs Compact folding door

5 reasons to opt for a Compact industrial door when renovating

Do you consider renovating your building instead of moving or building new? Moving or a new build is relatively expensive and may interrupt your company’s continuity. If you are looking for modernising your building, renovation is a good option. There is a way to change your building’s facade in one day. A way that even improves the energy efficiency of the building, according to the Energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD). How? By renovating your industrial door.

Compact door in the snow

Four ways to save energy with your industrial door

Since 2017, some companies have been obliged to prepare sustainability reports in accordance with EU Directive 95/2014. Whether you are forced by law or not, saving energy is saving money, so it can be worthwhile to learn how to save energy with your industrial door. Besides saving energy and money, you can also receive grants for energy-efficient construction and renovation in some countries.

car garage in Haarlem

Compliments from the owner of the workshop in Haarlem

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