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Which motor for which industrial door?

The size and weight of the door leaf, as well as the location of the industrial door and the use of the door, determine which type of motor is suitable for the Compact folding door. The motor is powerful enough to open and close the door leaf in a safe and convenient way.

The Compact motor is orange in color and is usually placed to the left or right of the industrial door. However, in case of limited space, it can also be placed above or in front of the door, depending on the situation and the available space. This is an option that is offered to meet the specific requirements of the customer and to ensure that the industrial door fits even better in the available space.

Positions of the motor:

Side motor

Compact industrial doors are standard equipped with a side motor, which can be flexibly placed on the left or right side of the door. This positioning of the motor is the most common way to open and close the door leaf. This is why this setup is offered by default. For the side motor, 325mm side space is required to place the door in the building.

Sidemotor top space

Top motor

If there is less than 325 mm of side room, a top engine can be a good solution. A top motor is mounted above the door leaf and uses the space above the industrial door. However, this placement requires additional space, namely 285 mm more lintel height. This is why the top motor is suitable for situations where there is limited side space available but there is extra space above the door leaf. It is important to have the correct dimensions to avoid problems during the installation and use of the door.

Topmotor top space
Top motor

Front motor

If both side space and space above the industrial door is limited, a front motor can be a good solution. The front motor is mounted in front of the door leaf. To use the front motor, a depth of 990 mm is required.

Frontmotor top space
Front motor

Weight of the door

The weight of the door determines which motor type is suitable for the door. It is difficult to estimate this exact weight before knowing the size of the industrial door.

The configurator is a handy way to determine the weight of the door. The quotation you request always shows the most suitable motor type that you need for your door.


Different types of motors with different voltages are available. The voltage at which a motor is driven can vary from 230 volts to 400 volts.

Check the full table of technical details for all motor types on our “Motors” page.

Additional protection

Outside installation

When the Compact industrial door is installed on the outside of a building, it can be exposed to weather influences such as rain, snow and wind. The engine also needs extra protection in such an environment to prevent it from being damaged. The protective cover is available for the side and front motor. Top motors cannot be fitted with a protective cover, so a front or side motor must be selected for outside installation.

If the door is mounted outdoors or in a damp or very dusty room, it is recommended to use an extra protected motor, according to the IP-65 standard. The motor is then dust-tight and protected against moisture.

High-speed door

The use of a high-speed motor in a Compact industrial door can considerably shorten the time in which a door opens. This speed offers advantages in situations where every second counts, such as emergency services, but also in situations where energy saving is important. This can be the case, for example, at loading and unloading platforms, where forklift trucks drive in and out and other places where quick access and an efficient flow of goods are important.

The high-speed motor makes it possible to open the industrial door at a speed of up to 60 cm per second, which is about three times faster than the speed of a standard one. The high-speed door closes at 30 cm per second.

In our configurator you can choose a large number of options when configuring your door. If you have no special wishes in terms of protection or a high-speed motor, our configurator automatically calculates which motor is most suitable for the door. You can always contact us, if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.

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