The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Car dealer Barcelona opts for Compact Roller Door.

This Barcelona car dealer has also fallen for the many benefits our door has to offer. They have had Compact doors installed in multiple places in their new building.

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The seamless design of the Compact roller door.

For many car dealers it is important that the doors in their building provide a sleek and neat appearance. This also applied to this car dealership in Barcelona. As a result, this dealer opted for Compact roller doors designed by Rolflex. These roller doors do not have overhead rails. Instead, the Compact roller door has a unique folding system, which means that the door can be perfectly concealed in the ceiling. With all these advantages, this car dealer quickly made his choice. He chose to use our roller doors in various places within the building. This roller door is perfect for any occasion. You can use it as a door for the workshop, showroom or service points.

No rails. Various possibilities.

Because the Compact roller door has no rails on the ceiling, the possibilities with this door are endless. The door frees space for lighting, ventilation systems or a car bridge. Besides the fact that this roller door offers a sleek and neat design, the Compact roller door is also a lot more practical than a classic roller door.

Endless design options.

In addition to all the other advantages of the Compact roller door, you also have more freedom in the choice of design. For example, the roller door can be fitted with closed panels, full vision glass panels (in glass or plastic) or with semi-transparent full light panels. In addition, it is also possible to adapt almost all parts of the roller door in any color. And the door is also completely custom made. Another option is a wicket door in the roller door. The position of the wicket door, the side of the hinges and the position of the door handle can all be adjusted to your wishes.

Interested in this roller door?

Have you become completely enthusiastic about the Compact roller door and its many advantages? Then you can configure a door (without any obligations) via our door configurator. You also have the option of requesting a technical drawing and quotation.

Top quality

Included features

Full light panels

Wicket door

Full vision panels

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

  • Select colour, sizing and options
  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
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