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Compact door installation made easy

Have you ever installed a Compact folding door? If so, you already know that you have to pay attention to different things when installing the door than with a roller door or an overhead door. Nevertheless, it makes sense to refresh your knowledge from time to time. If you have never installed a Rolflex folding door, it is important that you acquire the necessary specialist knowledge. Because you can only assemble the door quickly and easily if you know exactly what to look out for.

The installation of the Compact folding door

We have been offering training courses for installers in our Compact Academy for several years and are always very happy to welcome our dealers here at Rolflex. However, it is not always possible to take part in on-site training, because installers are of course indispensable for the company.

So that we can also support you in such cases with the installation, we have made some videos of the installation of the Compact door. This is how we guide you step by step through the installation of the folding door. We haven’t finished all the videos yet, but you will soon be able to follow all the steps in detailed installation videos.

TIP! Make sure you always have the installation manual at hand. You can find it here.

Compact folding door installation at a glance

At the beginning we will show you the entire installation in a video. Find out how a Compact door is installed and how easy it can be. Below are the more detailed videos with the exact information about the installation.

Unboxing the Compact folding door

Good preparation is the key to success. Make sure you prepare everything well so that you can install the Compact door without interruptions.

1. Rails and folding plates assembly

The first step to a successful installation is to mount the rails and the folding plates. It is very important that the mounting surface is level and that everything is mounted level.

2. Assembling the parts on the non-motor side

Next step is to mount the cable tensioner and the cable disc on the folding plate. Make sure you are working on the correct side and following the exact order.

3. Assembling the parts on the motor side

Now you can mount the necessary parts on the motor side. Make sure you assemble the parts in the right place on the correct side.

4. Installation of the side motor

The side motor of the Compact folding door can be universally installed on the left or right. At the beginning of the installation, plan on which side the motor has to be installed.

8. Installation seals and safety devices

The seals and safety devices must be installed in a specific way for the door to function properly.

Replace Full Vision/ Full Light fillings

Replacing the fillings of a transparent or translucent panel is not difficult. Just follow the instructions in the video.

Compact Academy

Would you rather take part in on-site training and exchange experiences with an expert? Then register yourself and your colleagues for installation training. You will learn within one working day how quickly and easily the Compact door can be installed. Learn more!

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