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How do I measure the correct Compact door size?

In order to define the correct Compact door size, you must measure the opening width and the opening height. To do this, firstly measure the width between the right and left side of the door opening. Secondly, measure the height between the floor and the top of the door opening. Best practice is to measure the dimensions in multiple spots, as dimensions may vary.

You will need these dimensions (approximately) to get a price indication.

Other dimensions that are important to measure

Even though the Compact door takes up little installation space, there is some additional space needed to install the door. It is therefore important to measure the free space around the door.

Free overhead space

It is important to measure the space above the door opening, as the door panels will fold up above the door opening. How much free overhead space is needed, depends on the height of the door opening. Again, measure in multiple locations and use the smallest size.

Free side space

On the left and right side of the door opening, the side tracks will be located. It is important that there is enough space to mount these tracks. In addition, the Compact door motor is usually installed on the side of the door. Additional side space (either left or right) is needed. If this side room is not available, you can opt for a front or top engine.

Want to know exactly how much free space you need around the door? Read our article “How much free space do I need around the door?”.

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