The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Sectional doors by Rolflex.

Looking for a sectional door that fits all your needs? The Compact sectional door is a unique folding sectional door that gives you space and design freedom.

The Compact folding door fits anywhere: no overhead rails but a compact package of panels instead. Ideal for both commercial and industrial purposes.

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No space for a standard sectional door in your commercial or industrial building? The Compact folding sectional door fits anywhere. Whereas standard sectional overhead doors block the free ceiling space with their overhead rails, the Compact sectional door folds its panels in a small package above the door opening. This door allows you to install light fixtures, extractors, sprinklers or crane tracks without any problem. A unique solution for a wide range of design challenges.

Designed for a perfect fit.

Is this your sectional door?

Looking for a sectional door solution that has a small footprint, a high quality finish and endless design options? The Compact door is your door.

Having trouble integrating a standard sectional door because of the overhead rails and supporting structure?

Do you want a clean and high quality finish? No rails or hinges in sight?

Do you want a door that matches your needs perfectly? With a wicket door, transparent panels, special colours or a high speed motor?

Commercial garage door stacking

The space-saving door solution

Thanks to the unique folding system, there are no ceiling rails. Therefore the Compact door can be installed where traditional doors do not fit.

The Compact door is a space-saving solution in buildings with ceiling lights, crane tracks, sprinkler installations, sloped roofs, basically everywhere!

Test booth at Mc Laren

Fits every design

The Compact folding door fits every design, whether in an industrial or a commercial setting. As long as the quality of the finish matters, the Compact folding door is your door.


Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

  • Select colour, sizing and options
  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
Or discover more about the compact door first

Benefit from this unique folding sectional door

Your benefits:

No overhead rails; room for equipment and installations


Well-insulated panels; save energy


Low maintenance; no balancing springs


Add windows and wicket doors as you wish


From a small village to a worldwide customer base

The history of the Compact sectional door

At the end of the 20th century, Rolflex founder Joost Megens discovered that there was no real compact solution for industrial doors. The traditional roller shutters were compact in size, but provided hardly any insulation. Standard sectional doors were insulated, but had bulky overhead rails and needed a support structure. As an engineer with a family history in the door business, he came up with the Compact sectional door. Over the past 25 years, this door has been constantly improved to a high quality and unique door solution that it is now. Every Compact door is made-to-order individually in our factory in The Netherlands and distributed worldwide by our network of resellers.

The door still is the best compact door solution available in the world. Our long list of international clients proves this. Check out our list of projects below to see what companies and projects we are proud of or design your own door in our door configurator.

Sales support: we gladly help you with any questions

Designed and developed by Rolflex

Production Compact door

Made-to-order in our own factory

Compact door in car dealership

Delivered worldwide by our network of resellers


Awesome projects we have done

McLaren production Compact vouwdeur
United Kingdom | Carwash doors, Showrooms

McLaren Technology Centre

In this innovative project, the doors were required to blend in with the rest of the building. The Compact door delivered.

DHL loading dock with Compact doors
The Netherlands | Logistics

DHL Schiphol

Silent and compact solution in a narrow space

Military building with crane tracks
United Kingdom | Crane tracks, Explosives

British army base in Gloucester and Catterick

As the Compact door ticked all the boxes, the British Army had 100 Compact doors installed.

This luxury car dealer selected the Compact door
Australie | Showrooms, Flexible partition wall

Luxury car dealership Melbourne

Quality and luxury. The Compact door fits.

Questions? Need more info on this sectional door?

Bifold door vs Compact folding door

5 reasons to opt for a Compact industrial door when renovating

Do you consider renovating your building instead of moving or building new? Moving or a new build is relatively expensive and may interrupt your company’s continuity. If you are looking for modernising your building, renovation is a good option. There is a way to change your building’s facade in one day. A way that even improves the energy efficiency of the building, according to the Energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD). How? By renovating your industrial door.

Grey roller shutter, How to choose the right door

5 tips for choosing the right industrial door

It is inevitable, you have to have a new industrial door. Before you go ahead and order a new version of the old door, stop for a minute and think about what you really want and need. Find out what your employees would like it to be capable of, after all, they work with it every day. These 5 tips will make it easier for you when choosing the right industrial door.

Configurator tool for designing your own compact door

How does the Compact door configurator work?

You’ll see it all over our website: see “Get a Quote” or “Design Your own door”. But what really happens when you put your door together? What happens to your request and how does it work for resellers? You can read it in this new article!

How do I measure the correct Compact door size?

In order to define the correct Compact door size, you must measure the opening width and the opening height. To do this, firstly measure the width between the right and left side of the door opening. Secondly, measure the height between the floor and the top of the door opening. Best practice is to measure […]

How much free space do I need around the Compact door?

Even though the Compact door does not take up much space, compared to other overhead doors there is some space needed around the door opening to install the door. In this case, we are talking about free space on the side (left and right) on top of the door and the free depth (room behind […]

What can a Compact door be installed on?

The Compact door is a door that does not require any rail structures on the ceiling. That saves a lot of work during installation. The Compact door only has side rails and a folding package above the door opening. As a result, different things have to be taken into account with the mounting surface of […]
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