The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Do you need replacement doors?

Is your current door broken, does it no longer work properly or do you simply want a new replacement door? Finding the desired door is not always easy. For example, you may want to have lighting, installations, sprinklers or something else near the doorway. Or you want to completely adjust your door to your wishes. This is not always possible with other doors. That is why we designed the fully automated and versatile Compact door.

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Thanks to their unique folding system, Rolflex industrial doors do not require ceiling rails and are therefore space-saving. Besides the fact that this Compact door is space-saving, it is also well insulated and completely customizable in colour and design. This way we know for sure that we can offer you perfect replacement doors.

The advantages of the Compact door

Replacement door by Rolflex

No ceiling rails, more space:

Thanks to the unique folding system that Rolflex has developed, the insulated panels fold up above the door opening. This leaves you with more space for lighting, installations or sprinklers, for example. In addition, it looks a lot sleeker and nicer than a steel frame on the roof.

Replacement door for Circuit de Barcelona by Rolflex

Wicket door possible:

The Compact bifold door is also available as a replacement door with wicket door. This way you or someone else can easily get in and out without having to open the entire door first.

Replacement door for fire brigade by Rolflex

Practical and goodlooking:

Thanks to the unique folding system and the automation of Compact sectional doors, it is of course very practical. In addition to being very practical, it can also be completely adjusted in colour and lining. It is available in 10 different standard colours, so that the replacement door blends in nicely with its surroundings. All other colours are also possible.

Custom replacement doors for you

Compact folding doors are always custom made. Our replacement doors fit in every room and with every building. Almost all parts of the door can be supplied in any colour, so that the door blends in perfectly with the rest of the building. Is there limited space in the building? Compact roller doors can even be mounted on the outside of the room. This way you can use the entire interior space and there are no moving parts in the room. There are many more possibilities to completely adjust the door to your wishes, challenge us!


Awesome projects we have done

workshop in Haarlem
Netherlands | Car workshops

Workshop in Haarlem

No loss of space, good insulation and the option of installing windows and a wicket door. The Compact folding door turned out to be the ideal solution for this building in Haarlem. Be sure to read the positive response from the owner of the building!

Compact folding door in temporary building
The Netherlands | Temporary buildings, Other projects

Beachclub In Zwolle

Ook in tijdelijke bouwwerken permanente kwaliteit.

TU Delft workshop
Nederland | Car workshops

Delft university Dreamhall

Innovative doors in an innovative environment.

Spain | Logistics, Crane tracks

Accurate to the centimeter, Compact industrial door for this textile company

This textile company was looking for doors for their loading docks. The problem they encountered was that the clothes conveyor belt had to reach all the way to the door. This makes it easier to hang the clothes from the truck on the conveyor belt. Because of all the beams and pipes behind the door, there was really no room for installation. Fortunately, the Compact door offered a solution.

The replacement door that always fits

Compact roller shutters were developed in such a way that they hardly take up any space and can therefore be used anywhere. They have a special folding system in which the door leaf folds together like an accordion when it opens. This means that the installations, shelving and lighting can be placed directly behind the door without the door movement affecting the installations. Traditional overhead doors cannot offer this.

Specially made to your wish

In addition to the advantage that you have more space, you can also design the door as you wish. Choose from different glazing options, panels or windows and the desired color so that your door perfectly matches your building. Almost everything is possible. With this door you always make the right choice, whether you need a door for industrial areas or commercial doors.

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