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Design your own Compact door

A Compact door is always a unique door. Customize the door in a few clicks and create your own Compact door with our configurator.

The tool is open to use for everyone, no login needed!

Done? You can request a quotation and/or drawings and you will get a quote from a reseller in your region as soon as possible.

Are you an architect? You can download the BIM files to add the door to your project.

The Compact door step by step

Discover your door

Full vision panels in combination with sandwich panels

What Panels?

Do you choose for practical sandwich panels or modern transparent or translucent panels? Or do you combine them?

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Hinge on the right, opening outside

Wicket door or not?

Does your industrial door function as an entrance for staff or clients? Consider installing a wicket door.

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Motor Compact door

Motors: what and where?

The Compact door motor is usually installed to the side of the motor. No space on the side? It can also be placed on top of, or in front of the door package. Compact motors come in various strengths and are selected based on the weight of the door and how you are using the door. Did you know we also have a high speed motor?

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Transmitter 99-channels - Rolflex Folding door


The Compact door can be opened by pressing a single button, but obviously you can select from a wide range of more sophisticated controls. From remote control to photocell, from dead-man button to radar operation.

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