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Compact folding doors are widely used all over the world.

From automotive to logistics, from emergency services to a beach club. Possibilities are endless.

Discover the versatility of the Compact folding door!

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Compact folding elevator doors - space saving
Netherlands |

Compact elevator doors for industrial bakery

Very recently, one of the largest industrial bakeries in Europe added an extension to their production facility. Our long-time client Flexitec B.V. was asked to produce and deliver a freight elevator in the building. The Compact door was used to close off the elevator.

Commercial building with roller shutters from Rolflex
The Netherlands |

Commercial building with roller shutters

A magnificent building has been completed in Groningen in the Netherlands. The climate-neutral commercial building with Rolflex roller shutters was designed and realised by Krikke realisatie. It combines an outstanding design with practical advantages. Including a roller shutter that has more to offer than ordinary industrial doors. More space, good insulation and design freedom.

Practical spray booth doors
Belgium |

Spray booth doors by Rolflex

The Compact folding door has established itself as a frequently used solution in spray booths used by garages and car body shops as well as metal coating companies and other industries. In environments such as spray booths, it is crucial to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. By installing the Compact folding door outside the room, dirt is prevented from getting onto the painted vehicles from above. Our Compact doors are the solution for spray booths.

Compact sectional door
Belgium |

Wico Campus TIO opts for Compact sectional door

Wico Comprehensive School has built a new school for STEM and business in Vondersbroek on the site of the current WICO Campus Neerpelt. The existing buildings were thoroughly renovated. In the course of this, a Compact sectional door was used as a room divider in the WICO Campus TIO.

Industrial doors at Cervus equipment
New Zealand |

Industrial doors at Cervus Equipment in New Zealand

Cervus Equipment has a new branch in Feilding (New Zealand), at that location Rolflex supplied 2 Industrial Compact doors. The doors perfectly match the style of the building, thanks to the glazing allowing plenty of natural light to enter. These doors of almost 5 by 5 metres also fold into a compact stack of panels, so no space is wasted unnecessarily.

Spray booth doors with wicket doors
Belgium |

Compact Spray booth door with wicked door in Zeebrugge

With spray booths, it is important that no dust or dirt can get into the booth. With the Compact folding door, the door is folded outside the booth, so no dirt from above gets onto the cars. This project also called for a wicket door, so that the spray booths can be easily accessed. Finally, the company was looking for a door that could be made of out glass, as this offers more transparency. The Compact door proved to be the solution.

Compact door at Vijzelgracht
The Netherlands |

Compact sectional doors at parking garage Vijzelgracht

At the fully automated car park under the Vijzelgracht, six Full vision Compact doors were installed, which are fully integrated into the lift system. The gates perfectly match the colour of the lift houses and provide a modern look with their glazing.

Compact industrial door for textile company
Spain |

Compact industrial door for this textile company

This textile company was looking for doors for their loading docks. The problem they encountered was that the clothes conveyor belt had to reach all the way to the door. This makes it easier to hang the clothes from the truck on the conveyor belt. Because of all the beams and pipes behind the door, there was really no room for installation. Fortunately, the Compact door offered a solution.

Overhead doors for brigade
Germany |

Overhead doors for fire brigade in Isselburg

The Isselburg fire brigade on Adolf-Donders-Allee now shines in new splendour, thanks to extensive modernisation work that was recently completed. In particular, the fire brigade’s doors were brought up to the latest technical standard. After about four weeks of intensive work, not only was the interior work completed, but the old wooden doors from the 1960s were also replaced with modern, electrically operated folding doors.

Industrial doors with wicket door
The Netherlands |

Industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort

The network company Alliander, has got a new regional location in Amsterdam, which is called “Westpoort”. The location now has various facilities such as offices, training areas, workshops, warehouses and test rooms. During the planning of the building, special attention was paid to flexibility, sustainability and costs. For example, many recycled materials were used in the construction and wooden structures were used for a large part. The building is energy-neutral thanks to solar collectors, heat and cold storage. The insulated Compact industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort also contribute to this.

Sectional doors for riding arena
Luxembourg |

New sectional doors for indoor riding arena in Luxembourg

Several Compact sectional doors were installed in the Ecurie Saint Georges Reckendall indoor riding arena. The doors fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the indoor riding arena. Since the panels unfold directly above the door opening, the door takes up less space than ordinary doors. This allows for efficient use of the limited space. In addition, the door moves up and down very quietly and contributes to improved energy efficiency.

Compact sectional doors for municipal yard Nieuwveen
The Netherlands |

Compact sectional doors for municipal yard Nieuwveen

The municipal yard of Nieuwveen has set itself the goal of setting an example in the field of sustainable management of public space with this circular municipal yard. The unique building is built entirely of wood and has a varied finish of recycled materials. The elongated building has a reptilian shape with a head, body and tail. The striking facade consists of Accoya wood and slats of recycled wood with different thicknesses and colour tones.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

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