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How much free space do I need around the Compact door?

Even though the Compact door does not take up much space, compared to other overhead doors there is some space needed around the door opening to install the door. In this case, we are talking about free space on the side (left and right) on top of the door and the free depth (room behind the door).

Note: all dimensions mentioned on this page are standard dimensions. As we say, the Compact door fits everywhere, there is always a way to make things fit. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us to find an alternative solution.

How much overhead space is needed?

As the Compact door panels fold up above the door opening, a certain amount of free overhead space is needed above the door opening. The required minimum space depends on the size of the door (the more door panels, the higher the door package).

With our overhead space calculator, you can determine the minimum overhead space needed above the door opening with a standard installation. If you think the overhead space may not suffice, please feel free to contact us, as there are other solutions to make the Compact door fit.

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How much free side space is needed?

Standard installation for the Compact door is an installation with a motor to the side of the door (see picture below). All Compact doors need a minimum of 90mm on each side for the side tracks. The side on which the motor is installed requires 320 mm side space.

A side motor can be installed on either side of the door. If there is not enough space on the side, the motor can be installed on top of, or in front of the door package.

dimensions and details

How much depth is needed?

The depth of the door package is 730 mm. If the motor is installed on the front of the door, the depth is 970 mm.

dimensions and details
Front motor dimensions

The depth of the door tracks varies, depending on the door size. Find the sizing in the table below.

Height of the doorTrack Depth (F)
0 – 3080 mm140 mm
3081 – 4300 mm160 mm
4301 – 5520 mm180 mm
5521 – 6740 mm200 mm
6741 – 7960 mm220 mm

Dimensions of the motors in different positions

The motor of the Compact door can be mounted on the side, front or above the door. By default, a side motor is used which is mounted on the right or left side.

Type of installationSide space
(engine side)
Additional overhead space
Side motor320 mm0 mm
Top motor160 mm285 mm
Front motor100 mm50 mm

For detailed pictures of motor installations and sizing, please read “How much space does the Compact motor need?”

Protective cover for external installation

If the door is installed on the outside, a protective cover for the door package and the motor is added in some cases. This can only be used with a side or front motor. The protective cover of the door package and the front motor each require 60 mm of additional space for assembly and the maximum width is 5860 mm.

Protective cover on panels and motor

Wicket door

If you want to have a wicket door in your door, there is an additional top space of 90 mm required for installation. Of this, 50 mm are required for the special bottom profile and 40 mm for the door closer.

Door catcher bottom

Download technical drawings

For detailed information about installation dimensions, download the technical drawings.

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