Industrial doors by Rolflex: Compact and versatile

Benefit from the unique space-saving industrial door that fits all spaces and every design, even when other sectional doors cannot be used. The Compact™ industrial door is compact and versatile thanks to its vertical folding system without overhead rails.

Rolflex Compact Door
Rolflex Compact Door

Why should you consider Compact™ industrial doors?

Even when other industrial doors do not fit, the Rolflex Compact™ door will. Maximum use of overhead space; no rails on the ceiling.

Commercial garage door stacking

The space-saving door solution

Thanks to the unique folding system, there are no ceiling rails. Therefore the Compact door can be installed where traditional doors do not fit.

The Compact door is a space-saving solution in buildings with ceiling lights, crane tracks, sprinkler installations, sloped roofs, basically everywhere!

Durable compact door

The durable Compact folding door

The Compact folding door is a durable door. The door is low in maintence, mainly because of the smart system without balancing springs.

Test booth at Mc Laren

Fits every design

The Compact folding door fits every design, whether in an industrial or a commercial setting. As long as the quality of the finish matters, the Compact folding door is your door.



Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

  • Select colour, sizing and options
  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
Or discover more about the compact door first


Awesome projects we have done

The Netherlands | Logistics, Crane tracks

Industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort

The network company Alliander, has got a new regional location in Amsterdam, which is called “Westpoort”. The location now has various facilities such as offices, training areas, workshops, warehouses and test rooms. During the planning of the building, special attention was paid to flexibility, sustainability and costs. For example, many recycled materials were used in the construction and wooden structures were used for a large part. The building is energy-neutral thanks to solar collectors, heat and cold storage. The insulated Compact industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort also contribute to this.

Compact industrial door from the outside
Netherlands | Flexible partition wall, Crane tracks

Compact industrial door at Kabelwerken van Dorp BV

Combining lighting and crane tracks with an overhead sectional door can be difficult. This was also noticed at Kabelwerke van Dorp BV. The Compact overhead sectional door solved this problem thanks to the sophisticated folding system.

compact industrial door from the outside
New Zealand | Logistics

Industrial door at logistics company New Zealand

The Compact industrial door is the perfect door when it comes to saving space and appearance. 2 Important factors in a logistics company. This is also what this customer from New Zealand thought. Because of this, he naturally chose the Compact industrial door

Compact door at Vijzelgracht
The Netherlands | Elevators

Compact sectional doors at parking garage Vijzelgracht

At the fully automated car park under the Vijzelgracht, six Full vision Compact doors were installed, which are fully integrated into the lift system. The gates perfectly match the colour of the lift houses and provide a modern look with their glazing.

Industrial doors, produced and invented by Rolflex

25 years ago, Rolflex considered it a good time for a revolution in the world of industrial doors. Standard industrial doors take up lots of space with their bulky overhead rails. Roller shutters would be the main space-saving alternative, but they lack in insulation qualities. The Compact door combines the best of both world: well-insulated folding panels in a compact package.

After extensive inventing and pioneering efforts, Rolflex launched Compact folding doors as a solution for the problems of traditional roller shutters and overhead doors. To this day, Rolflex is producing custom-made Compact doors from its factory in The Netherlands for clients who value its space-saving capabilities and high-quality finish.

A space-saving industrial door

For over 25 years, the Compact door has been the main solution for clients that aim to maximise use of space, while enjoying the high quality finish. On one hand, the Compact door is perfect for buildings where standard doors may block installations, like car wash installations, elevators, crane tracks or spray cabins. On the other hand, the door works well in spaces where bulky overhead rails would spoil the clean design, like showrooms, garage doors, golf courses, offices and schools.

Custom-made industrial doors

Compact industrial doors are always made to measure in our factory in The Netherlands. This means you have a wide range of options in terms of sizing, glazing and other features. The complete production process is centralized in our factory to guarantee a high quality. Our authorized resellers will ensure professional installation and service for both smaller and large industrial doors.

Windows, wicket doors, high speed motor

As a result of the wide range of options, the Compact door is highly versatile and can be adapted for use in almost every situation. Configure the door to match your demands in terms of colours, add windows for more natural light and allow your staff to enter through a wicket door. Decide how to control the door or opt for the high speed option to save time when opening the door.

Standard safety

All Compact doors comply with the European and UK safety regulations. In terms of safety we do go further than required. For example, all automatic doors are equipped with a light curtain, the most optimal safety edge system. In addition, all Compact doors are burglar proof with the standard antilift system.

Industrial doors known all around the world and by your neighbours

Rolflex Compact™ folding doors fit everywhere. We mean literally everywhere. The Compact™ folding door is available in countries all over the world through our dealer network. Perhaps your neighbour is using a Compact™ door as well? Look out for the orange label!

Interested in our doors? Configure your own Compact door online now and receive a price from a reseller in your area.

Compact doors are used worldwide


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Special features folding door configurator

How does the Compact door configurator work?

You’ll see it all over our website: see “Get a Quote” or “Design Your own door”. But what really happens when you put your door together? What happens to your request and how does it work for resellers? You can read it in this new article!

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