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Spray booths

The Compact door is frequently used in spray cabins. As the door panels fold up above the door opening and all moving parts can be installed outside of the booth, the Compact door offers many advantages.

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The Compact door is frequently used as a spray booth door. As the door panels fold up above the door opening and all moving parts can be installed outside of the booth, the Compact door offers many advantages. Very suitable as spray booth replacement door as well.

External mounting for a longer operational life

The substances that are being used in spray booths may damage door parts that are inside of the spray booth. This may lead to higher maintenance or early replacement. The Compact door is the only overhead door that can be installed outside of the spray booth. This ensures a longer operational life. Ventilation gratings may be installed to provide better flow of air. As the door does not require any specific dimensions or installation frames, it is very popular as well as a spray booth replacement door.

Soloan spuitcabines zijn voorzien van een loopdeur in de Compact deur

No disturbance of the process

If the only entrance to the spray booth is the industrial door, it may be necessary to open the door during the spray process. A wicket door may be installed to allow access without opening the entire door. You may also want to consider transparent panels or windows to be able to monitor the process from the outside.

In traditional roller doors, which roll up against the ceiling, fluids or dust may fall down on the painted object when opening the door. The Compact door rolls up above the door opening, avoiding this unnecessary disturbance of the process.

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Practical spray booth doors
Belgium |

Spray booth doors by Rolflex

The Compact folding door has established itself as a frequently used solution in spray booths used by garages and car body shops as well as metal coating companies and other industries. In environments such as spray booths, it is crucial to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. By installing the Compact folding door outside the room, dirt is prevented from getting onto the painted vehicles from above. Our Compact doors are the solution for spray booths.

Spray booth doors with wicket doors
Belgium |

Compact Spray booth door with wicked door in Zeebrugge

With spray booths, it is important that no dust or dirt can get into the booth. With the Compact folding door, the door is folded outside the booth, so no dirt from above gets onto the cars. This project also called for a wicket door, so that the spray booths can be easily accessed. Finally, the company was looking for a door that could be made of out glass, as this offers more transparency. The Compact door proved to be the solution.

Spray booth at Van Mossel
Netherlands |

Van Mossel in Rotterdam gets new spray booths

Van Mossel opted for Compact doors, which are intended to lock the paint booths at its new location in Charlois. With windows for good light and visibility.

Elpo painting line at MIVB-STIB
Belgium |

Spray booths for the MIVB-STIB maintenance center

15 Compact doors as partitions between sections in the spray booths for this public transportation maintenance center.

Spray booths with Compact doors
The Netherlands |

Spray booths in a factory

The option to install the Compact door outside makes it ideal for application in spray booths.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

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