The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Looking for overhead doors?

Why settle for less? The Compact door is more than a roller shutter: as compact as a roller shutter, as versatile and well insulated as a sectional door.

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The next generation in overhead doors

Are you looking to replace your overhead doors or for overhead doors in a new building? Overhead doors are commonly used in large industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. About 25 years ago, Rolflex developed a new type of overhead door: the Compact folding door.

The Compact door looks similar to a traditional overhead door on the outside. Both door types use either sandwich or glass panels. The real difference is behind the door, on the inside of the building. While the overhead door rolls its door blade up and across the ceiling, the Compact door folds its panels up above the door opening. This has many advantages, like a better appearance (the panels can easily be integrated in the ceiling) and obviously saving space.

In addition, most overhead doors use balancing springs. If you have ever had a door with balancing springs, you may know that these require some maintenance. The Compact door does not have balancing springs.


Compact folding door


Standard overhead door

Compact doors vs. overhead doors

The overhead door is the most used door type across the world. But does it fit your demands? If you are looking for a door that requires little installation space, has no overhead rails and is low maintenance, the Compact door is your door.

Overhead doorCompact door
Requires little installation spaceoption included
Well insulatedoption includedoption included
Suitable as interior door/partitionoption included
High speed motor availableoption includedoption included
Anti lift protectionoptionaloption included
Low maintenanceoption included
Add windows or transparent panelsoption includedoption included
Storm proofoption includedoption included
Add a wicket door for easy entryoption included
opening direction: outwards
option included
Opening direction: both ways

The advantages of the Compact folding door:

Compact deur volledig verwerkt in het plafond.

No rails on the ceiling

Rolflex-monteur plaatst een Compact deur

Quick installation, no constructional changes

Brandweerkazerne Hoevelaken vertrouwt op de Compact vouwdeur

Enough space for installations and equipment

Geen balansveren

Low maintenance, no balancing springs

Design your own Compact door

Configure your door with only a few clicks. Get your quotation and drawings immediately!

Design your door


Awesome projects we have done

This luxury car dealer selected the Compact door
Australie | Showrooms, Flexible partition wall

Luxury car dealership Melbourne

Quality and luxury. The Compact door fits.

Spray booths with Compact doors
The Netherlands | Spray booths

Spray booths in a factory

The option to install the Compact door outside makes it ideal for application in spray booths.

Military building with crane tracks
United Kingdom | Crane tracks, Explosives

British army base in Gloucester and Catterick

As the Compact door ticked all the boxes, the British Army had 100 Compact doors installed.

McLaren production Compact vouwdeur
United Kingdom | Carwash doors, Showrooms

McLaren Technology Centre

In this innovative project, the doors were required to blend in with the rest of the building. The Compact door delivered.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

Architect or Reseller?

Technical drawings Compact

For architects and contractors

Considering a Compact door for your project? We love to be of help in defining your selection and perfecting your design.

Download architectural specifications, BIM/REVIT files and technical drawings here.

Compact folding doors in Barnevel firestation

For Compact resellers

Everything you need as a reseller, you will find here. We love to help you maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

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