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What are the insulation values of Compact doors?

All Compact doors have a proper insulation and seals to help protect your building against the outdoor climate.

Depending on the material of your door and the size of the door, insulation values of your Compact doors may vary.

Below are the insulation values of our panels.

Sandwich panels

Panel thickness:      40mm
Insulation valueEN12428  U=0.76 W/m²K
Wind resistance EN 12424  Class 2-5
Water permeabilityEN 12425  Class 2
Air permeabilityEN 12426 Class 2
Noise reductionISO140-3  Panel 20db(A)

Full vision panels

Insulation values of different types of fillings for the full vision (or full light) panels:

4 mm single-walled acrylic or polycarbonate: U = op aanvraag

17 mm double-walled acrylic or polycarbonate or multi-wall sheet: U = 2.8W/m2k

17 mm sandwich panel: U=1.8W/m2k

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