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What design options does the Compact roller door offer?

Do you want to give your Compact door a nice finish, but you don’t know what the possibilities are? We typed the design options for the Compact roller door out for you. The possibilities are endless!

Do you want to combine different panels?

We offer various panel combinations, which give you a lot of flexibility when designing your door. The choice of the panel influences the appearance of the door and your building. We can supply the Compact door with fully transparent or semi-transparent glazing. Of course, we can also make the door completely closed, in one of the 10 standard colours or in any other RAL colour on request. By combining various panels, you can design not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive doors. For example, use glass panels that let in natural light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious.

Sandwich panels:

One of the main advantages of Compact roller doors is that it blends in perfectly with the room in which it is placed. The insulated sandwich panels are available in no less than 10 standard RAL colours and other RAL colours are also available on request.

Sandwich panels as design options for roller door

Panels with windows:

If you opt for the Compact door with windows, you ensure a view to the outside and daylight in the building. An important advantage of the windows is that they can still be easily cut to size and used after the Compact roller shutter has been installed.

Panels with windows as design options for roller door

Full Vision:

Full Vision panels provide optimal light, visibility and a sleek industrial look. The profiles are available in 2 standard colours: RAL 9002 or anodised aluminium. Other RAL colours on request.

Full vision panels as design options for roller door

Full Light:

Our semi-transparent Full light panels provide light without unwanted views. The profiles are available in 2 standard colours: RAL 9002 or anodised aluminium. Other RAL colours on request.

Full light panels as design options for roller door

Would you like a wicket door?

Do you want to enter your building without opening the roller door completely? That’s possible! We can design the wicket door of the Compact door to open inwards or outwards. This is unique for a sectional door with a wicket door, as all other door manufacturers supply a door that opens outwards as standard. You also have the freedom to place the hinges on the left or right and to choose the position of the wicket door in the roller door.

wicket door as design options for roller door

What fillings are available for the panels?

The panels of the Full Vision roller shutter are available with various fillings, including glass, acrylic and polycarbonate. These panels offer full transparency and provide optimal light penetration as well as unobstructed visibility, making them suitable for areas such as showrooms where presentation and visibility are important. It is also good to know that the profiles can get a grid filling, such as those in parking garages.

More parts in colour

Not only the door leaf, but also the side rails, folding panels protective cover and the upper and lower profiles of the panels can be coloured to match your building even better. The design options for the roller door are endless and you can put together your own door with the help of our door configurator and discover what is possible.

Elektrische roldeur met externe montage bij zwembad in NL - Rolflex

Outside installation

If you need more space inside or the interior view is important, you can also install the door outside the room or building (see pool picture above). The Compact door is designed as a solution for buildings with limited space for installing doors, such as car washes or spray booths. In this case, it is simply installed externally. For protection against the weather or for aesthetic reasons, the door package can be fitted with a protective cover in a matching colour.

Did you know that our new configurator is now live? Try it out now!

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