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Why doesn’t a Compact door have universal panels?

Rolflex produces the Compact sectional door under its own management in the factory in Ulft. The panels are also made to order here, no universal panels are used. Why that is? We are happy to explain that.

What is different about the panels of the Compact sectional door?

Hinges between the panels

The Rolflex sectional door is not a universal door, but a unique type of door in which the panels fold up instead of rolling up or move up as a whole. In order to make this folding movement, the hinges have to bend further than with normal doors. After all, the panels are folded almost completely flat on top of each other.

Space saving stormprofiles
Flat folded panels

With standard sectional doors, the hinges are placed on the inside of the door and they all hinge in the same direction. With the Compact door, the hinges are integrated between the panels and they serve to hinge back and forth to achieve the desired harmonica effect. Only in this way can the door be folded completely flat.

This unique way of attaching the hinges naturally also places different demands on the profiles of the panel. For that reason too, a standard panel cannot be used.

No visibile hinges on the in- or outside
Hinges invisible between the panels

Side guide rails

The panels of a standard sectional door are guided up and along the ceiling by guide rails. Side rails are also required for the Compact door. However, because the panels have to fold back and forth, the rollers of a panel each run on their own “track”. The rails of a Compact door therefore consist of several tracks, depending on the height of the door. The sides of a Compact door panel therefore also look substantially different from a standard sectional door.

The Rolflex Compact doors are always custom-made in our factory in Ulft. In this way we offer optimum design freedom and a solution-oriented approach. If there is limited space inside the building, the door can even be mounted on the outside of the room. The panels of the Compact door are relatively easy to replace in the event of damage.

Compact door at Shell
Multi-track rails for guiding the panels

Types of panels for the insulated sectional door

In addition to sandwich panels, we also offer full vision (transparent) and full light (semi-transparent) panels. The different panels can be combined with each other so that the door is exactly the way you want it.

  • Sandwich panels: The sandwich panels are well insulated, practical and low maintenance. In addition, they are available in 10 standard colours, with or without windows.
  • Full light panels: The semi-transparent full light panels let daylight into your room while avoiding unwanted view.
  • Full vision panels: With our full vision panels you benefit from optimal light and clear vision. In addition, the full vision panels immediately give your building a sleek and modern look.
  • Windows: You can choose from two different windows: oval or rectangular. One window can be installed per linear metre.
  • Fitting panels: Fitting panels can be fixed above the door opening to, for example, close a hole above the door. Two types of fitting panels are available to suit the design of your roller door: sandwich panels or full vision panels.

Compact deur volledig verwerkt in het plafond.
Saving space with a Compact overhead door - Rolflex
Full glazing at the Compact door with a wicket door
Roller door Car dealership from the inside
Stadsstrand zwolle tijdelijk gebouw

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