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How does the Compact door configurator work?

You will see it all over our website: “Request a Quote” or “Design Your Own Door”. But what actually happens when you assemble your door?

1. Compose

Composing the Compact door is easy with the Compact door configurator. Fill in the door dimensions and choose your color and your configuration is finished. You can additionally choose whether you want windows, transparent panels or a wicket door. If you have more specific wishes, do not hesitate to browse the “accessories” section.

Tip: if you have special wishes, make sure that the option “enable advanced options” is activated in the top right, then you will have more options to choose from.

2. Ask for price and technical drawings

If your configuration is satisfactory, you can request a free quote by filling out the contact form. You can also request a PDF drawing, Autocad drawing or architectural specification text. This way you have everything in one overview.

3. Personalized advice for end customers, architects and contractors

Your application will be received by Rolflex. Quotation and drawings are automatically drawn up by the tool itself. Upon receipt, we will forward the quote request to one of our Compact resellers in your region. The reseller receives all the details of the request from us and can quote for you based on it.

We manually select the most suitable dealer based on the region and type of request. Do you want 60 doors in a military barracks? Or do you want 1 door for a shed? We choose the dealership that’s right for you. The concerned dealer will process your quote request and send you a price indication as soon as possible. You can contact them for advice and questions. In principle, Rolflex does not give prices to end customers, contractors or architects abroad, this is always done through a reseller.

Are you a reseller yourself?

When you are a reseller that we know and you use the configurator to request a price, you will immediately receive your quote in your mailbox after your request. Please note that your e-mail address must be known to us, as the configurator will recognize you by it.

Are you not yet a known dealer for us? Please indicate this clearly in the comments box to prevent us from forwarding your request to one of your competitors. We will then contact you to see how we can handle the request and if you can / want to join our network as a new reseller.

Why a configurator?

The Compact door is a fully personalized product. All Compact doors are custom made. The completed configuration is not only used for pricing, but also for production. By using the configured door as a guideline for the entire production process, we avoid production errors or ambiguities in the process.

The configurator therefore not only provides you with a quick price indication, but also guarantees flawless production, so that you get exactly the door you want.

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