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How safe is the Compact door?

Safety is our highest priority. When selecting an industrial door, it is important to know what safety measures have been applied. The Compact door is developed with safety in mind, without comprimising reliability and easy of use.

Safety standards Compact folding door

Compact doors comply with the European safety standard DIN EN 13241-1 for industrial doors and have the CE-label. All Compact doors come with fall safety devices, slack cable protection, hand an finger protection and anti lift protection (against burglars)

     Read more about these safety devices by clicking on the titles below.

Light curtain (Option)

When closing a Compact door, the doorblade can harm or damage a person or object. This risk is particularly higher in doors with automatic closing systems, e.g. with remote controls or a timelock.

All Compact doors with automatic closing systems are equipped with a light curtain safety system. What this is and why we have selected this system? Read it here.

Veiligheid middels een lichtgordijn voorkomt ongelukken
All remote controlled Compact doors are equipped with a light curtain.

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