The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Fits every design

The Compact folding door fits every design, whether in an industrial or a commercial setting. As long as the quality of the finish matters, the Compact folding door is your door.


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The Compact folding door fits any design, whether it is in an industrial or a commercial setting. When you need a door that blends into the design of the building, the Compact door is your door.

As there are no ceiling rails, the door can be concealed in the ceiling. This makes the door perfect in commercial areas like showrooms or as a room divider in a classroom.

Design made to measure

In order to blend into the design of the surrounding building, the door comes in many variations. Sandwich panels, translucent panels or transparent panels? You decide your combination. Sandwich panels come in 10 standard RAL colours, but can be delivered optionally in all RAL colours. The Compact door is always made especially for you.


High quality finish, invisible hinges

We believe there is nothing wrong with a high quality finish on an industrial door. This is one of the reasons why we decided to conceal the hinges in our doors. The hinges are almost invisible, both on the inside and outside of the door.

No hinges visible inside or outside

Extra options for an even better finish:

Rails can be powdercoated to blend better in the design of the building

Powdercoating on rails and folding plates

To better blend the door into the building you can have the rails powdercoated.

Powdercoating is available in any RAL colour you desire.

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External mounting will ensure a clean and spacious design inside

External mounting:

If you don’t want any engine or panels inside your building? Then opt for external mounting. The doorpanels and the engine will be mounted outside of the building. A protective cover is available.

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Glass panels or other panels, all kinds of design are possible

Different types of glass panels:

Doors can be equipped with transparent polycarbonate fillings, but what about gaze, safety glass or translucent polycarbonate?

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Awesome projects we have done

McLaren production with Compact folding door
United Kingdom | Carwash doors, Flexible partition wall, Car workshops, Showrooms

McLaren Technology Centre

In this innovative project, the doors were required to blend in with the rest of the building. The Compact door delivered.

Peugeot dealers with compact doors at their workshop
The Netherlands | Car workshops, Showrooms

Peugeot dealerships the Netherlands

Stylish and practical. This combination makes the Compact door the right option for Peugeot dealerships in The Netherlands.

Raw Studios
Germany | Flexible partition wall

Raw Studios

Practically invisible as a flexible partition wall in this studio.

This luxury car dealer selected the Compact door
Australie | Flexible partition wall, Car workshops, Showrooms

Luxury car dealership Melbourne

Quality and luxury. The Compact door fits.

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