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Flexible partition wall

When thinking about a flexible partition wall, you may not immediately consider an overhead door. We suggest you do take the Compact door into consideration, as it has many advantages over traditional partitioning systems.

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When thinking about a flexible partition wall, you may not immediately consider an overhead door. We suggest you do take the Compact door into consideration, as it has many advantages over traditional partitioning systems.

When opened, the Compact door is almost invisible. When closed, the door has a high quality finish. The Compact door can therefore be used as a flexible partition wall. Whether you are looking for a transparent or a closed wall, the Compact door adapts itself to your space. The door panels will be folded into a Compact package that will blend into your ceiling. Ideal for larger rooms like classrooms, studios, gyms or showrooms.

What makes the Compact door the perfect partition wall?

  • The door folds it panels into a small package on the ceiling. The door becomes invisible and the full floor space is available.
  • The door opens and closes silently, so no one is disturbed when opening the door
  • The door has a high quality finish, allowing it to blend in in your room
  • The door is easy to operate. Either remote-controlled or with a button, whatever suits you.

How do you want your partition wall?

With or without windows, what colour? Transparent glazing or semitransparent panels? Or perhaps fully closed. Available in any colour. Opt for powder coating of the side rails and folding panels for an even better finish.

Design your own

Curious to see what your ideal wall would look like? Design it yourself  and request a quotation from one of our dealers in your area.

Design your own Compact door

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Compact sectional door
Belgium |

Wico Campus TIO opts for Compact sectional door

Wico Comprehensive School has built a new school for STEM and business in Vondersbroek on the site of the current WICO Campus Neerpelt. The existing buildings were thoroughly renovated. In the course of this, a Compact sectional door was used as a room divider in the WICO Campus TIO.

Eemsdelta overhead doors
The Netherlands |

Compact overhead doors for the Eemsdelta College

This school year, VO Eemsdelta started as an educational village, in which three secondary schools are located. The project took more than 4 years and has been used by both students and teachers since the school year 2022-2023. The building was designed by de Unie Architects and has a floor area of almost 17,000 m2. Rolflex overhead doors were used in one of the buildings on the Eemsdelta college.

Melkhal Enschede design of the building
Netherland |

Compact roller doors for the Melkhal in Enschede

In Enschede, hard work is being done to turn an old dairy factory into a modern environment for living, working and culture. Our Compact doors proved to be ideal for this renovation project because of their compact size.

Compact industrial door from the outside
Netherlands |

Compact industrial door at Kabelwerken van Dorp BV

Combining lighting and crane tracks with an overhead sectional door can be difficult. This was also noticed at Kabelwerke van Dorp BV. The Compact overhead sectional door solved this problem thanks to the sophisticated folding system.

A space saving compact industrial door - Rolflex
Netherlands |

Fire protection at Haveland with a Compact roller door

The Haveland company was looking for a solution for fire protection in its building. The Compact door can be combined with a fire protection door to protect the goods. The fire door is connected to a fire alarm system so that it only closes in the event of a fire. The Compact door, on the other hand, can be used every day as usual. Learn more about this project.

Architectenweb - Depot Boijmans van Beuningen - Copyright MVRDV
Netherlands |

The Boijmans van Beuningen depot in Rotterdam

This extraordinary building is the world’s first public art warehouse. The Boijmans van Beuningen depot. It combines practical solutions with impressive architecture and has thus become an art object itself. Our Compact folding doors were used as space-saving partition walls in the warehouse of the building. In that way there is a lot of space for the lighting of the halls. Find out more about this extraordinary project.

Swimming pool with Rolflex Compact doors
Netherlands |

All-weather pool with Compact folding doors

A pool in which you can go swimming at any time of the year? In this project, Compact doors were installed around the pool. The pool can easily be converted from an indoor pool into an outdoor pool.

Compact door closes the Ideal Park car lift
Italy |

Ideal Park car lift with Compact doors

Car lift with Compact door at a car dealer in Milan. The full glazing with the white struts fits perfectly with the design of the showroom.

Spray booth at Van Mossel
Netherlands |

Van Mossel in Rotterdam gets new spray booths

Van Mossel opted for Compact doors, which are intended to lock the paint booths at its new location in Charlois. With windows for good light and visibility.

Elpo painting line at MIVB-STIB
Belgium |

Spray booths for the MIVB-STIB maintenance center

15 Compact doors as partitions between sections in the spray booths for this public transportation maintenance center.

McLaren production with Compact folding door
United Kingdom |

McLaren Technology Centre

In this innovative project, the doors were required to blend in with the rest of the building. The Compact door delivered.

Raw Studios
Germany |

Raw Studios

Practically invisible as a flexible partition wall in this studio.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

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