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Installing a Compact folding door

Installing the compact door

Installing a Compact folding door is easier and quicker than installing traditional sectional doors. Traditional doors need a more elaborate construction on the wall and ceiling, while the Compact door rails can be easily attached to the wall. In addition, the Compact door does not have balancing springs that require constructional adaptations.

One person in one day

One person with standard tools can install the electronic Compact door within a couple of hours. In the long term, the door requires less maintenance, due to its durable components and lack of balancing springs.

As the Compact door is a little different from other standard doors, we recommend all our resellers to follow our Compact academy training. Learning some tips and tricks will ensure an even quicker and easier installation and a good operation without problems. Read more about the training here.

Download the installation instruction here.

Watch our full installation video here

Complete Compact door installation

This is how quickly the Compact door can be installed:

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