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Wicket door

Wicket door specifications

Specifications of the Compact door wicket door:


Wicket door profiles are made of anodized aluminum.


  • Net opening width 850 mm
  • Height (from floor level) 2100 mm
  • Treshold +/- 120 mm

Please note that additional top spacing is needed for the wicked door:

Total extra space needed: 90mm

  • 50mm for a more rigid bottom profile
  • 40mm for a door closure installed on the bottom profile

The wicket door can be integrated in doors with a minimum height of 2400 mm and a maximum width of 6000mm.

Wicket door maximum dimensions specifications
Wicket door width

Closing the door

  • Lock in second panel
  • Rubber sealing in door frame
  • Door closer on bottom panel
  • Door catcher on top panel
Door catcher wicket door Compact door
Door catcher (top panel)
Door lock wicket door Compact door
Door lock and handle
Compact door safety switch
Safety switch
Compact wicket door closer
Door closer (bottom panel)
Cylinder lock
Euro cylinder lock
Cylinder 30/35 with
3 keys
Panic lock
Panic lock (optional)
Opens door from the inside
Kaba lock
KABA lock (optional)


An electronic safety switch is integrated, to ensure the Compact door can only be folder up when the wicket door is fully closed.


Hinge position, opening position and position of the wicket door in the door blade can be defined when ordering. Discover all options here.

Position full vision panels

A wicket door in a complete full vision door is possible in doors up to 4000 mm wide.

When full vision doors are between 4000-6000 mm, the bottom two panels need to be sandwich panels for more rigidity.

Compact rolling door with wicket door

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