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How do you replace the filling of (Semi-)transparent Compact panels?

The panels of the Compact door are available in different versions. There are sandwich panels, panels with windows or panels with a Full Vision or Full Light filling. When ordering your desired door, you indicate which panels you prefer and which colors they should have. You can even mix and match the different panels if you want. But how do you proceed if one of the fillings needs to be replaced?

Why replace filling?

There are several reasons why a filling must be replaced. The most obvious is of course damage to the filling. In case of minor damage, the filling does not always have to be replaced. However, if the filling is so badly damaged that it has a hole or there is a safety risk, you need to act quickly.

Of course it is also possible that you want a different filling than what was previously in the panel. Maybe because you no longer like the color or maybe you prefer a filling that you can see through, or maybe not. Fortunately, these refills are fairly easy to replace. Especially if you watch our instruction video.

Fast and easy

The fillings of Full Vision and Full Light panels are easy to change. With a few simple steps you can replace the fillings to repair them or give your Compact door a new look. We will show you how easy it is in the following video.

Replace filling

In this video we show how easy it is to replace the fillings. Only a few steps are needed.

Just as easy

Replacing the fillings is not the only thing that can be done quickly and easily. It is also easy to install the entire Compact door. You will learn exactly how the installation works during the installation training at our Compact Academy and in our installation videos. Of course, our service team is always ready to assist you with advice and assistance.

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