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Extended tracks set

Sometimes there is only little space directly above the door opening. In such cases, it is advantageous to be able to place the folding package of the Compact door further up. The rails then run upwards along the wall so that the door leaf folds at a suitable point above the installations. This is desirable, for example, when using a crane track or a mezzanine floor directly behind the door. The crane track can then move undisturbed, directly along under the door package. At the same time, the door can still be opened and closed. All information on the required free space around the door as well as a overhead space calculator can be found here.

Verlengde rails
Compact Industrietor in Halle mit einer Kranbahn

Combination of crane track and Compact door

In this video you can see how harmoniously Compact Door and crane track move side by side. In this particular situation, the windows should of course not be covered as far as possible and the door had to fit between the crane track and the pipes.

No room at all inside? External installation!

If extended tracks are not an option, you may want to consider external installation. In this case, the door panels will be placed outside of the building. Read all about this here.

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