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What is external installation?

When there is no space inside the building for any door parts, external installation of the Compact door is an option. This type of installation is used frequently in car wash installations and spray cabins, where the indoor space need to be maximised and the atmosphere inside is not ideal for the mechanical parts of a door.

When opting for external installation, we need to make sure the door is protected from humid weather conditions as much as possible. Protection consists of:

External installation of the Compact folding door

Cover for door panels (excl. motor)

The Compact door package is protected by a cover. This cover is delivered in components and can easily be installed over the door panels. Available in RAL colour of choice.

Additional top space needed: 60 mm

Max width: 5860 mm

Protective cover for the door in case of external installation

Cover for front motor and panels

The door panels and the front motor are protected by this cover. Delivered in components and easy to install. Motor side is universal (left or right).

Cover not available for top motor

Additional top space needed: 60mm.

Max width: 5860 mm

Available in any RAL colour

Beschermkap frontmotor

Cover for side motor (excl. panels)

The side motor can be fitted with a protective cover. This is supplied in components and can easily be installed to protect the motor (not the panels). Available in any RAL colour

Covers are only available with a side or front motor, not with top motor.

Beschermkap voor de motor.

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