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Full light panels

Full light panelen
Full light panels

Our translucent full light panels let natural light in while keeping unwanted views out.

The panels consist of aluminum hollow profiles without any center posts and are filled with polycarbonate multiwall sheets. The panels are impact resistant.

Optionally, the full light panels can be filled with other materials as well. Please consult us for more information.

The full light panels can be combined with sandwich panels or full vision panels.

Een full light panel in the Compact folding door
A full light panel in the Compact folding door


The profiles are available in two standard colours: RAL 9002 or anodized aluminum.

Other RAL colours are available on request. 

RAL 9002 grey white

E6/EV1 Anodized aluminum
Drie tinten kanaalplaat

Multiwalled sheets are available in three colours: clear, green and opal.

Specification Full light panels

MaterialAluminum hollow profiles
Thickness40 mm
Height610 mm
FillingPolycarbonate multiwall sheet (other materials optional)
Height top panelVariable, minimum 135 mm
Surface divisionWithout vertical center posts

Note: Maximum width of a Full light panel is 5000 mm.

Polycarbonate multiwall sheet

Impact resistant, translucent.

Polycarbonate multiwall sheet
Multiwall sheet
  • Light weight ca 2,5kg/m²
  • 100% impact resistant
  • Good insulation: U=2,8w/m²K
  • UV-resistant
  • Fire class B2/B1 (DIN 4102)
  • White profiles on the inside

Showroom door with full light panels

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