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Why settle for less? The Compact door is more than a roller shutter: as compact as a roller shutter, as versatile and well insulated as a sectional door.

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More than a roller shutter: the Compact folding door

Are you looking for replacement roller shutters or for new roller shutter doors for a new building? Roller shutters are commonly used in large industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. At Rolflex, we developed a new alternative to the roller shutter: the Compact folding door. This door is as compact as a roller shutter, but with some extra advantages.

As the Compact door is a sectional door, the insulated panels provide you more freedom in design and use of the door. Think about adding windows or adding a wicket door. At the same time, it is as compact as a roller shutter, due to the innovative folding system. Both space-saving and insulating at the same time!

Compact folding door, alternative to the roller shutter

Compact doors vs. roller shutters

The roller shutter is mostly selected for its compact installation size. But what about insulation, or other options you may expect of a modern door?

Roller shutterCompact door
Requires little installation spaceoption includedoption included
Well insulatedoption included
Suitable as interior door/partitionoption includedoption included
High speed motor availableoption included
Add windows or transparent panelsoption included
Storm proofoption included
Add a wicket door for easy entryoption included

The advantages

Why consider a Compact folding door?

Well insulated sandwich panels


Design freedom: adapt colours, add windows


Possibility to add a wicket door


Design your own Compact door

Configure your door with only a few clicks. Get your quotation and drawings immediately!

Design your door


Awesome projects we have done

Military building with crane tracks
United Kingdom | Crane tracks, Explosives

British army base in Gloucester and Catterick

As the Compact door ticked all the boxes, the British Army had 100 Compact doors installed.

DHL loading dock with Compact doors
The Netherlands | Logistics

DHL Schiphol

Silent and compact solution in a narrow space

TT Circuit Assen Ferrari
The Netherlands | Car workshops

TT Circuit Assen

Practical doors in a place where innovation defines victory.

Spray booths with Compact doors
The Netherlands | Spray booths

Spray booths in a factory

The option to install the Compact door outside makes it ideal for application in spray booths.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

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