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How can I find a Compact reseller in my region?

Rolflex cooperates with a large number of local Compact resellers/installers all over the world. This network of trained professionals will help all clients with finding the right door, installing the door and provide services in case any problems occur.

I want to buy a new Compact door and I know what I want

If you want to buy a new Compact door, the best way to get in contact with the right reseller is to use our online door configurator. You configure your ideal door, and we will forward your request immediately to a reseller in your region. This Compact reseller will then have all the information needed and can help you to find the perfect fit.

I want to buy a new door and I have some questions

If you have questions on the Compact door, you can always contact our headquarters in The Netherlands. If necessary, we can directly find a reseller for you in our database.

I already have a Compact door and I have a question or need service

If you have a Compact door, in most cases you will find the name of the installer or reseller on the control box of the door. If you need to find a new reseller, you can always contact us for an alternative.

In all other cases, just contact us or the reseller that is stated on the control unit for any questions on the Compact door.

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