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Roller door replacement: what are the options?

Energy saving with a new door - roller door replacement

When you think about replacing your roller door, you may think of choosing for another roller door again. However, do you know that there are alternatives that are both functionally and aesthetically superior? Especially if insulation and the appearance of the door are important to you, it is worth considering an alternative like the Compact Folding Door as a replacement for the standard roller door.

What is a Compact Folding Door?

A Compact Folding Door is an innovative type of door that, as the name suggests, is compactas it folds up its panels above the door opening. Unlike traditional rolling doors, a Compact Folding Door offers an insulated solution with a beautiful finish and a multitude of design options. These doors are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications where insulation, aesthetics and ease of use are of great importance.

Construction site update: Windows and Compact folding door - roller door replacement

Why choose for Compact for roller door replacement

  • Energy saving: One of the most important advantages of a Compact Folding Door is the excellent insulation. These doors are designed with advanced insulation materials and techniques, ensuring efficient thermal and sound insulation. This can lead to significant energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate.
  • An upgrade for your building: Compact Folding Doors offer an aesthetically pleasing solution with a wide range of design options. Whether you want a modern, industrial look or a more traditional look, there are plenty of design options available to meet your specific needs. Your property will immediately look better, without major renovations.
  • Design options: With a traditional roller door, customisation is usually limited to dimensions and colors. A Compact door can not only be made in all possible colors, but also in all kinds of materials. Consider an entire glass door, for example, or several windows in the door. A pedestrian door can also be added to the door. This prevents unnecessary opening of the entire door when someone wants to enter your building.
  • No construction changes required: The Compact door is just as compact as a traditional roller door. Moreover, it is mounted in much the same way, with side-bearing rails. For these reasons, the Compact door is the ideal replacement for your roller doors. Because you do not need any renovations to adapt your building to your door, the replacement is arranged quickly and cost-effectively.

Overhead door vs. Roller Door vs Compact door

It is important to distinguish between an overhead door and a traditional roller door. Although both types of doors are sometimes referred to as ‘roller door’, there are significant differences in design, functionality and insulation. While an overhead door consists of panels that move up and down, a traditional roller door is usually made of narrow aluminum slats that roll up. The Compact folding door combines the best of both types of doors, making this door ideal for roller door replacement. The insulation and versatility of a sectional door, with the compact size of a roller door.


Roller door


Overhead door


Compact folding door


If you are considering replacing a roller door and are looking for an insulated, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use solution, the Compact Folding Door is an excellent alternative to consider. With its compact design, superior insulation and various design options, the Compact Folding Door offers a modern and functional alternative to traditional roller doors. Installation is fairly simple, without major renovations. So think outside the traditional roller door and discover the versatility and benefits of a Compact Folding Door for your next door replacement!

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