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All-weather pool with Compact folding doors

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Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Finally you can jump back into the pool and swim a few laps. But why should you forego the fun in winter? A customer from the Netherlands thought that too and quickly built his indoor pool that can quickly be converted to an outdoor pool by opening the Compact folding doors.

Why did this client choose Compact doors?

Compact doors were originally designed for use in industrial buildings. In the meantime, however, the door has also been discovered by architects that recognize the possibilities of these folding doors and create new purposes. This folding door offers a number of advantages that should not be left unmentioned.

• Perfect finish with no visible hinges

• No complex rail construction, no overhead tracks

• No large space required

• Outdoor and indoor installation possible

The door package and the motor are protected from the weather by a protective cover that is painted in the same colour as the rest of the folding door.

External installation: unique for an overhead door

Thanks to the clever folding system, the Compact door can be easily mounted on the sloping steel construction. The door package and the motor are located on the outside of the structure and are protected from the weather by a protective cover. Thanks to the transparent panels, you can swim in the pool and take a look at the garden even in bad weather.


The Compact folding door is custom made in our factory in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for a practical sandwich door or a modern glass door, almost everything is possible. You can easily design the door yourself in our online configurator. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us, or visit our knowledge center.

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