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Compact roller doors for the Melkhal in Enschede

In Enschede, hard work is being done to turn an old dairy factory into a modern environment for living, working and culture. Our Compact doors proved to be ideal for this renovation project because of their compact size.

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The old dairy factory of Enschede will be given a new meaning. This new construction project in which the old dairy is being converted into a central meeting point for work, food and cultural affairs is almost ready. In addition to a number of offices, the so-called Melkhal will also house a city inn and a large supermarket with extra local and regional products. Rolflex’s Compact roller doors were used in the Melkhal to close off the entrance to a supermarket.

In this renovation project, our roller doors were chosen because fire-retardant doors were needed in the building. A fire-resistant roller door turned out to be more expensive than the combination of a Compact door with a fire-resistant roller screen.

Compact doors are also space-saving. In this way, the lighting of the shop can be hung undisturbed behind the doors. Both the Compact doors and the fire screen are almost invisible in the room when the Compact doors are open.

For this project, the Melkhal has opted for a front motor because the top space is limited.

What makes the Compact roller door the ideal door for renovations?

  • The Compact roller door is compact and therefore fits almost anywhere.
  • Ideal for replacing uninsulated sliding or up-and-over doors. Thanks to the insulated panels, there is immediately less energy loss.
  • The Compact door has a high-quality finish that makes it suitable for any room. The door can also be made in a variety of colours and materials.
  • Can be easily combined with a fire-resistant roller screen

Watch the video about this project

Impression of the roller doors in the Melkhal

The redevelopment of the Melkhal in Enschede is still in full swing. Below you can get an idea of ​​our part in this project. You can already see that it will be a cool environment to work, shop or, of course, eat there. We think these roller doors fit perfectly in the Melkhal, do you?

Fits into any design

The Compact roller door fits into any design, whether it is an industrial or commercial environment. Due to the large choice of panels (glass or closed) and colours, a suitable door can be made for every environment. If finishing and saving space are important, the Compact door is your tailor-made roller door. Because there are no ceiling rails, the roller door can be concealed invisibly in the ceiling. This makes the door also very suitable for use in showrooms, or as a flexible partition wall in, for example, classrooms.

Curious about what your ideal folding door looks like? Design it online now and get a quote.

Free online design and quotation

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