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Van Mossel in Rotterdam gets new spray booths

The spray booths at Van Mossel are closed by white Compact doors with full glass elements. Thanks to the external installation, all the space in the cabin can be used.

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The car dealer Van Mossel Rotterdam Charlois recently started putting the new Wiltec BV spray booths into operation in their new workshop. On this beautiful project, 10 Compact doors were used to close off the spray booths. The fully glazed panels at eye level provide an insight into the progress of the painting process. The white colour makes the rooms appear brighter and larger. Thanks to the matching protective cover over the door package, the door is nicely concealed and fits perfectly into the overall picture.

Why did Van Mossel choose this spray booth door?

Van Mossel chose Compact folding doors because conventional doors are not exactly practical for spray booths. These open by sliding themselves up along the ceiling, whereby dirt and dust could land onto the freshly painted parts. The Compact door, on the other hand, folds into a small package so that it does not protrude into the room. In this way, the Compact door contributes to a smooth everyday life at Van Mossel. In addition, our space-saving door can be mounted on the outside of the cabin so that sensitive parts of the door are protected from aggressive agents.

Like Wiltec BV, other spray booth suppliers also regularly opt for the Compact door in their spray booths. The space-saving system, where there are no obstacles both inside and outside, is the main reason. Outdoor installation is often chosen so that the entire cabin can be used and the door can be nicely hidden under a cover. Another important reason to choose the Compact door is the option of installing a wicket door or a window.

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