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The Boijmans van Beuningen depot in Rotterdam

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A shiny new building has been erected in Rotterdam. The Depot Boijmans van Beuningen. The facade of the 40m high building is completely covered with mirror panels so that the city and the sky are reflected in it. In this building, art for which there is no place in the actual art museum next door is kept and at the same time made accessible to the public. In this way, the treasures do not disappear in a dark warehouse, but shine again in the old glory. In addition, for the sake of nature, a small birch forest was planted on the roof at a height of 35 meters and great importance was attached to sustainability. In the middle of the roof there is a restaurant and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Rotterdam. The Depot Boijmans is a work of art in itself and the first public art warehouse in the world.

Practical and aesthetical at the same time

Aesthetics and practical use have been perfectly combined in this building. The art objects thus find a place where they can be kept like in a warehouse, but can still be seen by everyone. There are different storage rooms in which there are 5 different climate zones, which are tailored to the requirements of the art objects. Some floors were divided into different sections with the help of large doors. These doors had to be both safe and usable as a partition. Neither the ventilation nor the lighting should be blocked. Compact doors turned out to be the best option.

Why Compact doors?

Compact folding doors do not need ceiling rails as they fold into a small package. This leaves the ceiling space free and no ventilation or lamps are covered. There is also enough space for other installations on the ceiling or directly behind the door. The architect opted for doors that consist entirely of glass panels so that you have a clear view and plenty of light flows through the corridors. The doors can be opened and closed with a security pass. In that way, the doors are additionally secured so that unauthorized persons have no access.

Photo outside view: Copyright MVRDV

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