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Spray booths for the MIVB-STIB maintenance center

15 Compact doors as partitions between sections in the spray booths.

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Elpo and Rolflex cooperated on a large scale project for the MIVB (public transportation company) in Brussels, Belgium. A maintenance facility of 3200 m2, including a painting facility was built here. Buses, trams and metros can be painted here in two paint production lines. Fifteen Compact doors were used as partition walls on these lines.

MIVB-STIB maintenance center

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Included features

Full vision panels

Full vision panels are very well suited to add more light to spaces, while allowing a full view inside. In order to see the progress in the painting process, full vision panels were integrated in the Compact doors.

External installation

External installation is an option in spray booths, as the air in the booth can harm parts of the door. When installing the moving parts and the engine on the outside of the booth, a longer operational life is guaranteed.

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