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Wico Campus TIO opts for Compact sectional door

The Wico Campus has a new building in which a Compact sectional door was used as a room divider. Space-saving, stylish and practical.

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Wico Comprehensive School has built a new school for STEM and business in Vondersbroek on the site of the current WICO Campus Neerpelt. The existing buildings were thoroughly renovated. In the course of this, a Compact sectional door was used as a room divider in the WICO Campus TIO.

Ingeniously concealed

The Compact sectional door has an ingenious folding system that allows it to be folded into a small package. This means the door takes up very little space and offers more freedom for other installations. Other doors, on the other hand, run on rails along the ceiling into the building. This means that the space on the ceiling is lost to the same extent as the size of the door. Fortunately, the Compact sectional door provides a remedy.

In this case, the folding door is even concealed in the ceiling so that it is barely noticeable when open. It simply folds up into a cavity. This creates a clean overall look without any disruptive rails.

Beautiful design

But the sectional door offers more than just a compact format. It can be customised as desired and fitted with various panels. Sandwich panels were chosen for the Wico Campus in combination with full-vision panels, i.e. full glazing for the sectional door. This allows a view from one room into the other. However, windows or a semi-transparent infill and other colours can also be chosen so that the door fits in perfectly with the building.


Do you also want a door that doesn’t require you to compromise? Then simply request a no-obligation quote by creating your desired door using our door configurator. You will then receive a quote from a Compact door dealer in your region.

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