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All Compact folding doors are operated by electronic motors. The type or strength of the motor is defined by the weight and the dimensions of the door blade and the circumstances in which the door is used. What kind of power supply is avalaible? Do you need a high opening speed? How frequently should the door be opened and closed?

Compact motors have a distinctive orange colour.
The orange motor

The Compact motor has a distinctive orange colour, positioned to the left or right of the door. If side space is not sufficient enough, the motor can optionally be placed in front of or on top of the door.

Sidemotor top space
Side motor

Standard position for the motor of the Compact door is to the left or right of the door.

Topmotor top space
Top motor

In case there is less than 325 mm space to the side of the door, you can opt for a top motor. Additional top space of 285 mm is required.

Frontmotor top space
Front motor

In case there is less than 325 mm side space and less than 285 mm top space, a front motor is an option.

Maximum weight of the door blade is 275 kg.

Maximum door height 5520 mm.

Motor types and specifications

MotorVoltageSpeedDurationPowerPlugMax. WeightProtection class
RC1501x230V19 cm/sec25%0.55 kW2-pin 16A155 kgIP54
RC1753x400V19 cm/sec60% 0.65 kW5-pin 16A190 kgIP54
RC2503x400V19 cm/sec60% 1.1 kW5-pin 16A275 kgIP54
RC3003x400V19 cm/sec60% 1.3 kW5-pin 16A389 kgIP54
RC300T3x400V15 cm/sec60% 1.3 kW5-pin 16A455 kgIP54
RC5003x400Vmax 60 cm/sec80%3 kW5-pin 16A190 kgIP65
  • Turning direction standard: right
  • Emergency crank handle in case of power failure
  • 4x potential free contact
  • Cable length between motor and control box: 7 meter
  • Plug 3x400V : 5-pin, 16A
  • Plug 1x230V : 2-pin, 16A
  • Trafo in control 24V DC, maximum 250mA

Ask us about our options for:

  • Intensive use (extra protection)
  • Other voltage (3x230V of 60Hz)
  • Emergency chain opener
  • Prolonged cable: 15 meter

High speed motor

High speed motors enable the door to open faster, which can save valuable time and/or energy in specific situations. Saving energy and a higher efficiency are the most important reasons to opt for a high speed motor.

Compact door high speed motor

Delivered including:

  • Emergency chain opener
  • Light curtain safety
  • LCD monitor
  • Switch duration 80% with safety class IP65


  • High speed motor: RC500R met frequency control (slow start and slow stop)
  • Opening speed adjustable up until max 60cm/sec
  • Closing speed 30cm/sec

Note: Neutral mandatory.

  • Minimum side space required is 350 mm
  • Door size max 5000 x 5000 mm
  • Door blade weight max 190kg

The motor of the Compact door is activated by the control box and multiple additional control units. Read more about controls or control units here.

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