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Commercial building with roller shutters

A magnificent building has been completed in Groningen in the Netherlands. The climate-neutral commercial building with Rolflex roller shutters was designed and realised by Krikke realisatie. It combines an outstanding design with practical advantages. Including a roller shutter that has more to offer than ordinary industrial doors. More space, good insulation and design freedom.

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Compact doors in a matching design

When designing the building, great importance was given to matching the colours perfectly. For example, the colours of the Compact doors match those of the window frames. In addition, they wanted daylight to enter the hall, but in such a way that nobody could actually look inside. The fully glazed panels were therefore positioned in the centre of the doors. This means that they are not at eye level and curious people have no chance of looking in.

Climate-neutral commercial property with roller shutters

The building was designed to be climate-neutral from the ground up. The roller shutters also contribute to this. They are made of well-insulated sandwich panels that contribute to a constant indoor climate. Cold or warm air therefore stays outside and does not affect the room temperature. This means that air conditioning units and heaters consume less energy and have lower costs.

Plenty of space for installations

In the industrial sector, companies usually need a lot of space for the various machines, devices and installations. Every centimetre of the building should be usable. Compact roller shutters save space because they fold up into a small package above the door opening. This commercial building with Rolflex roller shutters therefore offers plenty of space for interior fittings. Shelves and other items can be placed directly behind the entrance and the full room height can be utilised. Perfect for air conditioning, pipework and adequate lighting.

In this project, one of the roller shutters was even fitted with extended tracks. This means that the door package was placed high up directly under the ceiling, leaving space below for other installations such as crane tracks. Very practical to utilise the full potential of the space.

Planning a similar project?

Are you still looking for the right door for your commercial building? With Compact roller shutters, you can combine attractive design with practical benefits. Discover the possibilities by designing your desired door with our door configurator and request a non-binding offer.

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