The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation


Compact folding doors are widely used all over the world.

From automotive to logistics, from emergency services to a beach club. Possibilities are endless.

Discover the versatility of the Compact folding door!

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Raw Studios
Germany |

Raw Studios

Practically invisible as a flexible partition wall in this studio.

Firestation hoevelaken Compact door
The Netherlands |

Firestation Hoevelaken

When every second counts…there is a high speed motor too.

TU Delft workshop
Nederland |

Delft university Dreamhall

Innovative doors in an innovative environment.

Spray booths with Compact doors
The Netherlands |

Spray booths in a factory

The option to install the Compact door outside makes it ideal for application in spray booths.

This luxury car dealer selected the Compact door
Australie |

Luxury car dealership Melbourne

Quality and luxury. The Compact door fits.

Compact folding door in temporary building
The Netherlands |

Beachclub In Zwolle

Ook in tijdelijke bouwwerken permanente kwaliteit.


Fits any kind of application

The compact folding door is an industrial door that is designed to fit any kind of application.

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