The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Compact industrial door for this textile company

This textile company was looking for doors for their loading docks. The problem they encountered was that the clothes conveyor belt had to reach all the way to the door. This makes it easier to hang the clothes from the truck on the conveyor belt. Because of all the beams and pipes behind the door, there was really no room for installation. Fortunately, the Compact door offered a solution.

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No overhead rails

The Compact industrial door has a folding system where the door folds up over the door opening. As a result, in this project there are no overhead rails and plenty of space for the crane track. Some extra measuring was necessary, because the panels also need some space when folding the door, but thanks to the clear technical drawings this could be determined well in advance.

More light thanks to transparent panels

Thanks to the transparent door panels, there is more light inside and a view to the outside. For example, it is not necessary to open the industrial door to get better light or to check whether the delivery has arrived at the door. This can be especially advantageous in rooms with climate control systems. That, combined with the good insulation of the panels, ensures that less energy is wasted for lighting or climate control.

The right solution for your project as well?

The Compact door has many possibilities with its compact installation space. Do you want to know if this door suits you? Then please contact us. Every Compact door is tailor-made for you. Adapt dimensions, colours, windows and accessories and we deliver. Curious about prices? Or drawings? Then use the Compact 3D configurator. You will receive customised information in your inbox.

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

  • Select colour, sizing and options
  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
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Compact sectional overhead door from the outside
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Compact sectional overhead door in Milan at CGT Carugate.

At CGT Carugate it was quite a task to find suitable sectional overhead doors. This brought them to the Compact sectional overhead door. This gave them all the options they were looking for. For example, they could still use crane tracks, lighting and a shop window floor. And all that because of the Compact sectional overhead door.

Compact industrial door from the outside
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Compact industrial door at Kabelwerken van Dorp BV

Combining lighting and crane tracks with an overhead sectional door can be difficult. This was also noticed at Kabelwerke van Dorp BV. The Compact overhead sectional door solved this problem thanks to the sophisticated folding system.

Industrial doors with wicket door
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Industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort

The network company Alliander, has got a new regional location in Amsterdam, which is called “Westpoort”. The location now has various facilities such as offices, training areas, workshops, warehouses and test rooms. During the planning of the building, special attention was paid to flexibility, sustainability and costs. For example, many recycled materials were used in the construction and wooden structures were used for a large part. The building is energy-neutral thanks to solar collectors, heat and cold storage. The insulated Compact industrial doors with wicket door at Alliander Westpoort also contribute to this.

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A magnificent building has been completed in Groningen in the Netherlands. The climate-neutral commercial building with Rolflex roller shutters was designed and realised by Krikke realisatie. It combines an outstanding design with practical advantages. Including a roller shutter that has more to offer than ordinary industrial doors. More space, good insulation and design freedom.

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