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Compact sectional doors at parking garage Vijzelgracht

At the fully automated car park under the Vijzelgracht, six Full vision Compact doors were installed, which are fully integrated into the lift system. The gates perfectly match the colour of the lift houses and provide a modern look with their glazing.

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The project

At the fully automated parking garage under the Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam, 6 Compact sectional doors were installed in the lift houses. These lift houses are an important link in the use of the garage. The parking garage itself cost about EUR 20 million and offers 270 parking spaces. Local residents and employees of the companies surrounding it can use the car park. To park here, one drives in, enters postal code and license plate number and then the door closes. Then the parking system finds a spot where the car can park. It can take a maximum of six minutes to get the car back afterwards.

The lift houses

Several Full-vision Compact sectional doors with wicket door were used in the parking garage Vijzelgracht. These doors fold into a small package, making them perfect for narrow spaces such as lifts. The glass of these sectional doors creates a modern look and this perfectly matches the rest of the lift houses. The Compact folding system and the parts painted along with it ensure that the door blends seamlessly into the houses. The three lift houses have Compact doors on both sides. This makes it easy to drive the car out through the front door after parking. The lift houses were designed by Angie Abbink of Abbink X Co.

Wicket door

The Compact sectional doors in the lift houses all have a wicket door. This means that when the parker wants to leave the house, there is no need to open the entire door. So this person can easily (and quickly) walk out when needed. The doors only have a door handle on the inside, so no one walks in from outside when there is no car or platform in the lift.

Customised control

A modified system controls the Compact doors at the garage on the Vijzelgracht. Lödige Industries delivered the lift system, which controls the sectional door. This means that the door opens automatically as soon as someone approaches.

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