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What does a new garage door cost?

You are looking for garage doors, but how much does a garage door actually cost? This question cannot be answered in one sentence, as there are many different options. We take you into the factors that determine your price.

The type of garage door determines the price

Most garages nowadays are closed either with a sectional door or with casement doors. The sectional door is especially practical, because the door opens upwards and takes up no space for the garage. The casement doors are especially nicer in classic buildings with sufficient space outside. When choosing your door, pay close attention to how much space you want to give up for the door. For example, if there is little installation space in a higher garage, opt for the Compact folding door. It has no ceiling rails and therefore takes up almost no space. With a standard sectional door, the costs of your garage door are in many cases lower than with patio doors.

Not sure which type of door to choose, read our article What garage door types are available?

Custom or standard

The most important difference in price is determined by the type of garage door you choose. Do you opt for a standard door from your hardware store, or do you opt for a door that is custom made for you? You can experience large price differences. The cheapest smaller garage door in a standard size is generally available from 500 euros. This price can rise to several thousand euros for a custom door in a larger format.

Garage door size

Of course, the size of your garage determines the price of your door. A smaller garage in a standard size is a lot cheaper than if you want to close a doorway that is 4 meters high and 8 meters wide.

More options, more costs

Do you want to control the costs of your garage door? Then choose a simple door without too much fuss. A remote control is often standard, but other options quickly increase the price. Think of windows in your door, a wicket door or other options. Think carefully about what you really need. If you want to add options after installation on the door, it will often be much more expensive. Things such as wicket doors and windows can also be more cost effective in the long term, as they help you save energy. For example, because the door does not have to be opened completely to let in light or to enter the building, for example.

Installing your garage door

If you request the costs for your garage door from a reseller or installer, pay close attention to the installation costs. Compare the costs and ask what is included in the event of major differences.

If you choose a standard installation, there would be no high installation costs. A standard garage door should be easy to install within a day. Including demolition of the old one.

Do you have special wishes regarding the installation of your garage door? Do you need to make any adjustments to your garage in order to install the door? Then pay attention to whether you choose the right door. For example, if you opt for a standard overhead door, ceiling rails are required. These must be attached to the ceiling. In some cases, entire constructions are required for this, which entail additional costs. If you do not want this, consider choosing a Compact garage door without tracks.

Maintaining your garage door

You may not realize it, but the costs of a garage door do not end with the purchase. Installation, but also maintenance can turn out to be more expensive with a cheaper garage door. Especially if you will be opening and closing your garage door frequently, it may be wise to go for a more durable option. Think of a sturdier engine, durable materials and, not unimportant: no balance springs.

If you are not a garage door expert, the term “balance springs” or “torsion springs” probably means nothing to you. However, these springs are on almost all overhead doors. With frequently used doors, these often cause problems. They require regular maintenance and even need to be replaced after a certain period of time to prevent damage. If you expect to use your garage door frequently and want to ensure long-term problem-free use, you can opt for doors without balance springs. Such as the Compact folding doors.

How much does my garage door actually cost?

As we said, it is difficult to indicate the exact cost for a door in a single article. What we can do is provide a calculator with which you can calculate the costs for a Compact folding door. This unique door without ceiling rails and without balance springs is custom made for you and is especially suitable for garage doors over 3 meters high.

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