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Firestation Hoevelaken

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When selecting firestation doors, reliability is the number one priority. The high speed motor is a recurring requirement as well. Space-saving however is getting more important as well. As firetrucks are usually parked in front of the doors, it is crucial that all equipment and installations can be installed close to the door as well. Industrial doors that offer space for these installations have a higher chance of getting selected for firestations. The Hoevelaken fire department in The Netherlands opted for the Compact door as this door meets all requirements.

The unique folding system, that folds up the door panels above the door opening instead of rolling the door along the ceiling, is a space-saving system. By selecting a full vision door with transparent glazing, natural light is allowed inside, while offering a clear view, both inside and outside. The high speed engine ensures a quick opening speed of maximum 60cm/sec.

As these doors do not have balancing springs, they are low maintenance which is very cost effective.

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