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Spray booths in a factory

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The Compact folding door has frequently been installed in spray booths. For example in car body workhops, metal coating lines etc. Soloan, supplier of spray booths, has chosen the Compact door for a number of their projects due to the wide range of options linke ventilation gratings and windows.

Adding ventilation grating is an advantage compared to roller shutters.

Space-saving capabilities have been another advantage. The door does not need overhead rails, so it maximizes the use of space. In addition, the door can be installed outside of the booth.

The possibility to integrate a wicket door allows people to enter the spray cabine without having to open the complete folding door.

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External installation

One of the main advantages of the Compact folding door in spray cabins is the external installation. The door panels and the motor are installed outside of the booth. This type of installation is also widely used in car wash installations.

Full vision panels

A full vision panel brings light inside and provides a clear view inside the space. In case of the spraybooths, a sandwich panel door was combined with one full vision panel. The panel functions as a window in the door.

Wicket door

The wicket door prevents the full door to be opened when persons need to enter the booth. The door can open to the inside or the outside of the booth.


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