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Beachclub In Zwolle

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After big cities as Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, Zwolle now officially has a temporary beach, restaurant and beach terrace.  During the summer the square at the historic canal in Zwolle’s inner city has been transformed into a beach completed with white sand, palm trees, beach chairs and a Beach club. On a beach there has to be a beach club. This one has been created with sea containers.  The sides have been replaced with glass and inside all inner walls have been removed, thus creating space to establish the restaurant.

Industrial, Creative and Cosy

As the appearance of the containers  was quite industrial, it was a challenge to create a nice space. In order to make full use of the interior space, seats are also made on the 1st floor (created by the second layer of containers). The glass entrance facade can be closed when the weather is bad and completely opened in nice weather allowing the restaurant to open at all times. It also shows visitors  there is enough seating inside and at the same time have tremendous view outside.

Special requirements demand a special solution

The Stadsstrand is a temporary building, which means that it will be demolished after the summer to be rebuilt next year. This also requires materials that are relatively easy to build and break down. The functionality of any structure should not be reduced. All these requirements eventually resulted in the choice of the Compact folding door in the Full Vision version.

Great versatility and easy installation,

Due to its versatility in appearance, size, colour and glazing, the Compact folding door is a popular choice in various industries.  Also for the application in a temporary construction, for instance event venues or sporting venues, this sectional door is regularly chosen. A big advantage is the ease of installation, because this sectional door folds above the doorway, it is not necessary to have a ceiling construction for support as required by standard sectional overhead doors. As a result, free space remains, highly desired in this particular situation.

Uniformity due to 1 colour

The Compact folding door chosen for this project is of the type Full Vision, which consists of 8 aluminium panels with single-walled Polycarbonate filling. The sectional door has a size of 4680 x 4900mm (W x H). In order to reach the full height of the containers, a fascia door panel has been fitted above the door in the same appearance as the door. As a result, there is full view from the inside to the outside. The profiles on the inside of the door are in the standard RAL 9002, the outside is in standard  RAL 9006. Both colours are chosen to match the colour of the containers.

Under all weather conditions

During bad weather, the door is closed, but in order to keep access to the restaurant, a fully glazed wicket door is incorporated in the panels. As a result, the restaurant is always accessible, and you can always enjoy the city beach. If you want to know more about the application of the wicket door, read more in our product knowledge center.

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