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Photocell control

Optical safety and/or control

A photocell is an additional safety measure and/or control option that can detect an obstacle in the Compact door opening. In combination with a reflector it can be used to open or close the door when someone approaches or moves away from the door. These are used frequently to control car wash doors, for example.

Photocel transmitter - control Compact door

Photocel transmitter

Photocell  reflector

Photocell reflector

Special photocell for car wash installations

In the moist and polluted atmosphere of a car wash, the photocell needs to be adapted in order to guarantee a problem-free operation. Reflex

Photocell Compact door transmitter for carwash
Photocell transmitter for carwash
photocell receiver Compact door for carwash
Photocell receiver for carwash

The photocell is one of many additional controls of the Compact folding door.

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