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Basic controls

The Compact door comes standard with a control box with dead-man button. This button needs to be pressed until the door is completely closed.

Obviously, the door can be controlled by many other types of controls, like a button with automatic closing, remote controls or more sophisticated systems like photocell or radar.

Note: a light curtain safety system is required on all automatic closing systems.

Compact folding door control units

Basic control box: standard control for the Compact door
CS320 (standard)

Standard control box

Class IP65

Emergency stop control box
Emergency stop

In case of emergency the door can be stopped immediately

Lock control box
Lock control box

Prevents the control box to be used by others

Summer/winter switch control box
Summer/winter switch
LCD monitor control box Compact door
LCD monitor

Half open function for summer and winter. Also used to switch off automatic time closure

To adjust end switches for open and close position and to program the control functions.

Control box dimensions

Have a look at the other Control options for all other types of control.

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