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New colleague for france: Hester

Who is Hester?

Hester is 51 years old and lives in Ulft with husband and two sons. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, walking, a little running and crocheting. Thus, an active and creative person!
Hester is an experienced sales employee with experience in purchasing positions and sales support at various international companies. She speaks French very well and has worked as an independent French translator for several years. This makes her a valuable addition to our team, where she has been working since November 2022.

What did Hester study?

Hester has completed two HBO degrees, International Business and Languages and Translation French. This reflects her passion for foreign languages, of which French is her specialisation. Her interest in the French language and culture is so strong that she always spends her holidays in France.

The fun of working at Rolflex

Hester describes her work at Rolflex as varied and says she has a lot of contact with customers. Since she has only been working at Rolflex for 2.5 months, she still has a lot to learn about the folding doors, the installation options and the various options Rolflex offers. She is glad she can speak a lot of French at Rolflex, as there are not many companies in the area that cater to the French market.

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