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Easy installation and serviceability

Traditional service doors like sectional doors need several steel supports on both the wall and the ceiling. They require a lot of installation space and obstruct light fittings, roof glazing and overhead cranes. Furthermore, the use of counterbalancing springs or weights in sectional doors requires additional structural modifications, a lot of regular maintenance and eventually replacement (after circa 15.000 movements). Unlike these doors, Compact doors need no counterbalancing springs making it easier to install and maintain.

Compact doors are easy to install. No suspension construction is required on the ceiling since the Compact door is self supporting from the side tracks. One person with standard tools can install the electric door within hours. The abrasive-free rollers and tracks are very durable and easy to maintain.


Take a look at our installation Manual:

Installation  manual Compact folding door






  • No counterbalancing springs required
  • Less maintenance
  • No additional steel constructions
  • Lower costs
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