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Workspace lighting

When designing an industrial building the lighting plan is a major element. Natural daylight or artificial light? Do you need to see into or out of the building? All considerations to be taken into account when designing a building. And the choice of industrial doors also plays a part here: do you need a fully-glazed door or is a panel enough? Is there a window above the door opening allowing daylight in, or does the door need glazing? Does lighting need to be installed on the ceiling to allow work? Questions that have to be answered before an industrial door can be chosen. There is a variety of options when an industrial door is needed, including the traditional sectional door that raises up into the building along the ceiling via a rail system.

 A unique folding mechanisme enables workspace lighting 

One downside to this is that any windows above the door opening are blocked when the door opens, and ceiling lighting can also be covered by the door. If you choose a Compact folding door there are none of these downsides, the unique folding mechanism folds the door panels into a small area above the door opening so that it does not block windows and because the door does not move into the building along the ceiling, there is no problem with lighting in the area of the door opening. 

Compact folding door used with special lighting plan

One example of how the Compact door is used in a building with a special lighting plan is the Rolling Roads project of McLaren, Aston Martin and JCB. The vehicle manufacturers have glazed boxes which house the dynamic testing of their vehicles in their manufacturing units. Set in these glazed boxes which stand in the centre of the production area are fully-glazed Compact doors. The lighting in the room causes them to merge into the whole.

Separate rooms

But when a separation has to be made within a building and lighting is important, the Compact door can also make the difference. By using a fully-glazed door a separation can be made between two rooms without cutting them off from one another, and as the door blade folds up it does not interfere with the lighting or other installations on the ceiling or above the door opening.

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