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Sectional doors from Compact at Peugeot

Sectional doors | Peugeot benefits from the advantages Sectional doors | Rolflex Compact door makes Full Vision possible at Peugeot


The alternative for the traditional sectional door

A sectional door, also called overhead door, is suitable as a flexible closure of spaces such as industrial premises and warehouses. Rolflex has developed an alternative for the sectional door; the Compact door. In its design, the Compact door goes one step further than the traditional sectional door and offers you a number of additional benefits, including greater ease of use.

The advantages at a glance

The biggest advantage of the Compact door is that it requires little space and fits into any building.



Features   Sectional door     Compact door  
Little installation space required   Kruis icoon
 Groen vink icoon
Anti-lift device  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Insulated exterior door  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Suitable as interior door  Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency <10/uur  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Opening frequency >10/uur Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Glazing Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Manual operation Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Electrical operation  Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Storm proof Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
RAL colour options Groen vink icoon  Groen vink icoon
Low maintenance Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
High speed option Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon
Your choice of door Kruis icoon  Groen vink icoon


Compact door Basic in red

Design your door yourself

Rolflex offers you the possibility to design your door yourself. In this way you can create the door that perfectly fits to your wishes and situation. Click here for an overview of all specifications and options or immediately start designing your own Compact door: Design your own door in 6 steps and receive a no-obligation quotation.

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